So, What’s Up?

I’m currently watching Skins, a brilliant British drama series about a group of teens who lead hardcore lives and experience all sorts of wild stuff. They do drugs, fall in love and are basically carefree. It’s much better than I’m making it sound right now. I’ve previously mentioned this series but I’ve just bought the series 1 and 2 box set and I’ve only got 2 episodes left of season 2 until I’m up to date and ready to watch season 3, which I’ve pre-ordered and it should arrive at the beginning of April. It should be interesting, because it has an all-new cast except for one.

When I’m not busy watching that I’m enjoying Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, which is ridiculously interesting if you’re the least bit interested in magic. But be warned, magic may not be the same afterwards. To me it’s definitely a risk I’m willing to take though, it’s really entertaining.

Just a small update to let you know what’s interesting to me these days.


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