Random Thoughts in the Midst of Chaos

  • Slumdog Millionaire is my favorite movie this year and it so deserves to be a huge success at the Oscar’s.
  • Fall Out Boy’s new album Folie á Deux is brilliant and has surpassed my expectations, which were rather unrealistic considering that it’s my favorite band. Well done guys.
  • For personal reasons this has been my worst Christmas ever and it’s one I’m eager to forget.
  • I really want this hooded scarf.
  • Yes Man was a really good movie.
  • This Clandestine Industries Mario t-shirt is cool.
  • Let the Right One In, a Swedish horror/drama flick, was incredible.
  • I really want to read the books that Slumdog Millionaire and Let the Right One In are based on. I’ll probably buy ‘em soon.
  • Another good movie I’ve watched lately is Zack & Miri Make a Porno.
  • Thanks to Yes Man I’ve discovered how great of a band Journey is.
  • I’m hoping 2009 shapes up to be better than what life has been like lately.


    You’re problem is that you think way too much :-P


    The funny thing is that when I read your comment, I started to think way too much again because of it. So what I’m saying is that you read me like an open book :-P


    Det blir sgu sjovt at vi skal ind at se Yes Man igen :)


    Ja glæder mig faktisk rigtig meget!


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