A Crackup at the Race Riots

A Crackup at the Race Riots

Bought a pretty rare book online today.

It’s called A Crackup at the Race Riots and it’s by Harmony Korine, the genius behind the controversial movies Kids and Gummo, two of my all-time favorite movies. Seeing as it’s so rare, it’s also pretty expensive if you can even find it. There’s 2 copies for sale on eBay and they’re almost $100 and $200 respectively — and they are both used. It’s the same with Amazon sellers, the prices range from $53-99.

I bought my copy for $32 and my copy is brand new.

Now, in this first book of fictional set pieces, Korine captures the fragmented moments of a life observed through the demented lens of media, TV, and teen obsession. Korine reinvents the novel in this highly experimental montage of scenes that seem both real and surreal at the same time. With a filmmaker’s eye and a prankster’s glee, this bizarre collection of jokes, half-remembered scenes, dialogue fragments, movie ideas, and suicide notes is an episodic, epigrammatic lovesong to the world of images. Korine is the voice of his media-savvy generation and A Crack-Up at the Race Riots is the satiric lovechild of his dark imagination.

If I’m getting an email in a few days saying that the book isn’t available anymore I’ll be pissed.


gabriel pardal:


can you scan the pages for us? hahah I know it is such a hard work. i’m dying looking for a .pdf edition.

PleaseUpload APDF:

Please upload or torrent a pdf. This is important for so many reasons. Spread the love. The internet will love you!


Please, upload a PDF version! I’ve been looking for it for years!

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