Chinese Democracy Track Listing

It’s finally been revealed! Here’s to hoping that the songs we’ve already heard has been improved or changed up a bit, because if they’re in the exact same shape as the ones that’s leaked earlier there’s only a few new tracks on the album. Oh well, I guess that’s what you get for being impatient.

1. Chinese Democracy (love it)
2. Scraped (I’ve heard that this is “Song #2″, if so then: fuck yeah!)
3. Shackler’s Revenge (catchy like herpes)
4. Street Of Dreams (it’s probably “The Blues”, which is great)
5. If The World (not in love yet from what I’ve heard)
6. Better (single material)
7. This I Love (haven’t heard this one)
8. There Was A Time (epic, awesome, fantastic)
9. Riad N’ The Bedovins (not my favorite)
10. Sorry (heard good things about this)
11. I.R.S. (not my favorite)
12. Catcher (if this is “Catcher in the Rye” then I’ll die happy, this one blows everything else out there out of the water)
13. Madagascar (a really good and touching song)
14. Prostitute (heard that this could be “Song #2″, but I’m not sure)


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