Razia’s Shadow Pre-order

Just pre-ordered the limited edition of Razia’s Shadow by Forgive Durden for $12.

The limited edition deluxe version features DVD-sized packaging, plus a full booklet including the entire script and all character illustrations!

This album will be epic:

Fueled By Ramen proudly announces the ambitious new record from Forgive Durden, RAZIA’S SHADOW: A MUSICAL. Composed and conceived by Thomas Dutton, RAZIA’S SHADOW is a full-on piece of musical talespinning, complete with elaborate characters, powerful themes, and a hauntingly beautiful narrative. The album tells the story of a world divided in two by the selfish actions of a powerful and egotistical, yet insecure angel. After generations of darkness, the world is eventually brought back together by the love and sacrifice of a couple brave enough to fulfill their destinies.

1. Genesis (ft. Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter)
2. The Missing Piece (ft. Lizzie Huffman of Man In The Blue Man)
3. Life Is Looking Up
4. The Spider And The Lamps (ft. Max Bemis of Say Anything)
5. Toba The Tura (ft. Chris Conley of Saves The Day)
6. The Oracle (ft. Danny Stevens of The Audition)
7. A Thousand Year, Minute-Long Intermission
8. The Exit (ft. Brendon Urie of Panic At the Disco, Dan Young of This Providence)
9. It’s True Love (ft. Greta Salpeter of The Hush Sound)
10. Meet The King (ft. Greta Salpeter of The Hush Sound, Nic Newsham of Gatsbys American Dream)
11. Holy The Sea (ft. John Gourley of Portugal The Man, Kris Ayana of An Angle)
12. Doctor Doctor (ft. Shawn Harris of The Matches)
13. The End And The Beginning (ft. Greta Salpeter of The Hush Sound, Brendon Urie of Panic At the Disco)

Listen to “Life Is Looking Up” on their Purevolume page.


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