3 Years

5 days ago I should’ve celebrated this blog’s 3 year anniversary, but alas I forgot. Not good. It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t been taking very good care of this place in a while. Things are happening in my life and I simply just do not have as much time on my hands as I used to. This blog suffers because of that, but not only that. Lately I just haven’t cared about blogging that much; it seems that I have fallen out of love with sharing my thoughts, links and other stuff, which I once used to find fun. I seriously don’t want to feel this way, because I’ve been blogging for so long and in a way I still do like it, it’s just that I’m pretty sick and tired of running on software that’s 2+ years old. Truth be told, my Wordpress version really needs to be upgraded and I need to visually change this place in order to keep it exciting for myself.

That’s why for the past few months all you’ve been seeing here is the occasional “OMG NEW VIDEO LULZ” post and that’s alright for a while, but not anymore. I need to write about my life, interesting links, articles and other stuff just like I used to. I promise I’ll look into improving this blog some way, somehow.

But for now, these past few years have been fun, it’s always fun to look back on your life and laugh at yourself. Hopefully I’ll think of something that will motivate me into at least write about something.



Bliv endelig ved - jeg synes det er “sjovt” at l├Žse din blog :)


For what it’s worth, I like this blog :D.

I discovered this one when you posted animated gifs (I was looking for some on Google and came up here) and since then I started reading it.


Thanks a lot - to the both of you. Hopefully in the near future I’ll return full force. :)

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