Google Chrome

Google Chrome was recommended to me by a friend and my first impressions are that it’s a really nice web browser. It’s clean, minimalistic and fast. It actually seems so good that I’m considering using it as my primary browser, which is pretty great considering that I’ve used Firefox since version 0.8.


Also, I’m liking the design a lot more than Firefox.



“It’s clean, minimalistic and fast”

The trademark of google :-)
I’ve considered changing too.. but I’m not quite sure of it yet..


It really is the trademark indeed! I’m not completely sure I’ll change just yet either, but I’ve been using it exclusively all weekend and I didn’t run into any problems except for some flash related (youtube, myspace, etc) stuff, so this seems really promising. This is just a 0.2 beta release after all! Plus, the incognito mode (which doesn’t store your surf session and wipes out cookies after closing it) is pretty cool. Aaaand, I love how closing tabs after awhile actually regains the memory, whereas Firefox continually gets slower during the day. Google Chrome is really good so far.


Not sure I’m a big fan of when you want a new empty tab it’s actually a sort of personalized homepage, which has thumbnails of your most visited sites, your bookmarks and so forth. I just want it to be empty.


I also heard that this browser has already a market share of 1% just a week after its release :s. Quite crazy for just a beta, if you ask me.

Too bad I can’t download it yet, the version for Mac isn’t available yet :(.


Wow, that is pretty insane if that’s true. Let’s hope you’ll get to play with it soon, I’m really liking it so far :)


One of the things holding me back is these continually accusations about google chrome monitoring your every move, every website visited and every word searched from down the last detail…


I don’t think it’s any worse than what is already doing. Try logging in with your gmail account here for example:

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