Cinema Bizarre Live at Vega

Cinema Bizarre

Yesterday Marisa and I went to the Cinema Bizarre show in Vega, Copenhagen. I was too tired to type this, editing the picture and everything last night and far too busy uploading 18 videos that we had recorded to Youtube. I was pleasantly surprised with the show, because it’s probably the smallest place I’ve seen so far out of all the shows I’ve been to, but it’s also the loudest (lots of fangirls screaming) and definitely one of the more energetic experiences, so suffice to say that I was very happy. Cinema Bizarre did a great job, I know I was entertained throughout the entire night.

I Don’t Believe

Forever or Never

Escape to the Stars

Lovesongs (They Kill Me)

Watch the rest…



Hehe cool (or creepy?)
those are my 4 favourite songs from them you’ve posted above ^^
I actually have them currently on my mp3 player, listening to them at work atm ^^


Wow, that is creepy! :D

You know what they say… great minds think alike ;)


Han var fandme sjov ham forsangeren :P “does my hair loook great?” “It’s SO hot!” Haha


dios………. mio la berdad son unos muyecos los de cinema bizarre CHICAS SE LOS RECOMIENDO (OJALA LE GANEN A LOS DE TOKIO HOTEL JAJAJA)

Eleanor Byrne:

I am insanely jealous, I love CB.

Please, Don't Be Shy