Conspiracies and Secret Societies

As I mentioned in my previous blog post I’m very fascinated with conspiracy theories, so I thought why not get a book on the subject? Actually I already have one but it’s not very long and is therefore quickly read and not fully satisfying. The book I decided to buy (out of thousands, if not millions on this subject) is called Conspiracies and Secret Societies and a few things made me choose it over all the others. It has an A-to-Z format, which sounds very good to someone who’s not big on reading a lot of books, an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews and it’s long (556 pages), which should be more than sufficient.

With more than 100 illustrations and organized in an engaging A-to-Z format, this volume explores such topical issues as: alien autopsies; Atlantis; crop circles; Dead Sea Scrolls; the face on Mars; Great Pyramid of Giza; hollow earth; Lusitania, sinking of; “Men in Black”; Marilyn Monroe; Moon landings; New World Order; and many, many more.

What’s not so great is the fact that Amazon’s delivery estimates are somewhat fucked up: September 3, 2008 - September 23, 2008. That’s quite the gap if you ask me and pretty far away considering it’s only August 7th. I guess it’s because I ordered it from the US instead of UK though, but it usually still doesn’t take that long.


Tonia Strickland:


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