First Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer Released

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The trailer for the sixth Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” has just been released. Frankly, I haven’t even read the book (only 1-5), but I’m still very excited for the movie. I can’t believe the movies are already catching up on me, because I swore I would read the entire series before the movies came out. Well, I guess I still have some time left.



I never read books, but I made it through the first six Harry Potter books in the space of maybe two months.. Then the seventh one came out and I didn’t give a fuck anymore.. Strange that..

The trailer looks good, I actually don’t mind the movies.. Not seen the first two, but they’ve been alright from the third onwards..

Also realised that I haven’t commented here in fucking time.. Sorry about that ;)


That is kinda strange. Did you feel the books went downhill?

I agree, the trailer looks pretty good and I don’t know why, these days I can’t seem to get through many books and since the movies are actually very good I don’t mind just watching the adventure unfold :) Btw, the two first movies were the weakest by far in my opinion. Not bad at all, but I liked the 3rd, 4th and 5th way more.

Yup, it’s been some time. Welcome back ;-)


I don’t really think they went downhill.. I just couldn’t be bothered.. Like I say, not much of a reader..


Me neither… not if they’re too long anyway. Lazy, I know :-P

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