Denmark Tops Survey of the World’s Happiest Countries

Apparently we Danes are the happiest people in the entire world.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Denmark tops the list, since it is a perennial favorite in any survey of this ilk. There is just something about life in that Scandinavian country that is apparently better than anywhere else.

Could I choose to have been born in another country I would definitely choose Canada. Maybe I’ve watched too much TV, but it looks like such a nice place, with equally nice people inhabiting it. Either that or Japan.



I’d say New Zealand. ^^

The country’s environment is so several, it’s like a small world at its own. Also the cities are highly civilized, so you won’t have to miss the luxury you have here.

If I get the chance to move there, I’d take it. :p But untill then, I’m quite happy to live in Belgium (even if there is a political crisis at the moment).


I’m sure New Zealand is beautiful, no doubt about it, it’s just not my thing :)

Btw, looks like Denmark is on a roll. That’s insane.

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