Two Brilliant Albums

Kill HannahKill Hannah Until There’s Nothing Left Of Us
Jack's MannequinJack’s Mannequin Everything in Transit

Lately I’ve been enjoying Kill Hannah’s ingenious album “Until There’s Nothing Left Of Us” from 2006 (a UK version was released earlier this year) and Jack’s Mannequin’s wonderful and lyrically breathtaking piano rock driven “Everything in Transit” debut from ‘05. Both very different and both just amazing albums that I don’t seem to get tired of at all.

To get started I’d recommend Lips Like Morphine by Kill Hannah and Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin.


Listening to the first track “Holiday From Real” on the Jack’s Mannequin album, I realized that these simple lyrics perfectly encapsulate the entire record:

Oh, California in the Summer
Ah, and my hair is growin’ long
Fuck yeah, we can live like this

It’s the perfect music for summer.



Jeg kan ikke få nok af Kill Hannah og deres sange, især Crazy Angel:
“I hold on so hard
And pray that I won’t say something wrong
I look at the stars
And dream that the universe was ours
My crazy angel”

Jeg tænker på dig skat, når jeg hører det :)

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