Religulous HD Trailer

I’m looking so much forward to Religulous! Watch the HD trailer over here. It will be released October 3, 2008 in the US by the way.



I especially love this part:

“It worries me that people who are running thmy country believe in a talking steak” (he SAYS steak right?)

I’m really looking forward to this :-P


Bill Maher is awesome… I love the whole thing about how believing in Santa, who delivers presents all over the world is stupid, but a God who can hear people murmuring is believable. It’s done for the comedic effect and is not really a serious argument, but still… Or is it? When you think about it, both are equally stupid and far out :-P


Religion IS stupid and far out imo..
It’s like religious people choose to ignore contradicting evidence either because they just won’t accept the fact that what they’ve based their life upon is a lie, or because they simply fail at logic..!


You’re hitting the nail on the head! I couldn’t agree more :)

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