The Happening

The Happening

A few days ago I watched M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. A friend of mine said it was the worst pile of crap he’d ever watched, while some other friends seemed to think it was a pretty good movie. Whether hearing opinions from people in real life or reading reviews online everybody seemed to have a strong opinion about it, which combined with the promising premise made me give this a shot.

Surprisingly I didn’t think it sucked. I didn’t particularly like it either. There were several times where the dialogue or so-called acting made me cringe and honestly I did feel like the movie fell flat, especially after all the hype. But then again, it was pretty exciting for the first 30 minutes or so guessing where the movie was going and later on it did have its moments.

I highly recommend reading this post on IMDb:

The film is a comedy. It is ABOUT how mindless and stupid movies have become, with obligatory plot points and empty blabbering substituting for well thought-out and artistic filmmaking. Hot dogs, cheese and crackers, mood rings, a ridiculous pregnancy concluding a scene in which a character seems to be waiting for the movie to end, the film itself concluding with the “event” occurring in another place so as to justify the pundit on television and “bring closure,” etc.

While it may not be what M. Night Shyamalan was going for with the story, it’s certainly interesting.


At the end of the movie there’s a scene in which a scientist on TV is asked to try and explain why plants all of sudden started emitting toxins that made people kill themselves and why it seemed to stop all of sudden. He then said that it was a warning for all of mankind and akin to a rash on a hand. It was only the beginning. So in the final scene, which takes place in Japan, it starts all over again. I dunno, I guess I kinda liked that explanation seeing as everybody seems to be allergic to everything all of a sudden these days.


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