I Need You Here, But You’re Always So Far Away

Runner Runner

Do yourself a favor and check out Runner Runner on Myspace. “So Obvious” is an outstanding pop rock song and the rest of the songs are also really, really good. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this band that’s for sure.


Carlos Mal:

“Design, LOLcats and life…” That’s pretty much the code-for-living of my ex-roommate and good friend Enrique Vázquez-Woolfolk. You’d be friends if you met. That means We’d be friends, probably. Kepp up the sleek, cool blog.


What’s not to like about those things? ;-)

Will do. Thanks mate!


Rigtig god sang:) Kommer til at tænke på det der spil hedgehog et-eller-andet.

Please, Don't Be Shy