On Life at the Moment

This has been the longest I’ve gone without updating the blog. Ever. The reason for this is because there’s just been so much going on lately. Last Sunday I went to a soccer match with a friend, the day after I started on my new job, Friday was spent at a new comedy club and Saturday I went bowling. Phew!

The New Job

I work in a photo store and I started the new job Monday. I worked everyday of last week except Sunday, so that’s been a little tough starting out with. But then again not, I’ve not been that tired actually. My job is basically to develop photos and for an extra fee even enhance photos in terms of lighting and cropping, take passport photos, cleaning and being a cashier. Let me just say this: it’s pretty interesting to see what kind of photos people want us to develop! Nothing too gross, but some photos really should leave more to the imagination. With a little more than a week past the job seems pretty good though.



Friday was fucking hilarious. Me, my girlfriend and a few friends went to Anden’s (The Duck) new comedy club called Duckpower. Anden is the most famous comedian in Denmark, but it was pretty surprising that the two unknown acts, who performed prior to him, was just as funny — if not funnier. All in all a great night and I quickly forgot that I was a bit tired from work because it’s the longest day of the week, not by much, but still.


For the first time since me and my girlfriend and our friends started bowling regularly almost 2 years ago I came in 2nd place. Man. :-P


Please, Don't Be Shy