The 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

This is a great list, even though I don’t always agree with it. #2 definitely doesn’t deserve it in my opinion, but I couldn’t agree more with #1.



Number 1 definently deserves it!
But I agree on number two, it should be switced with number 25 (Futurama) :-P

Indeed a great list.


Yeah, it would be awesome if Futurama was no. 2. :-P

Seriously though, Futurama is awesome, but I wouldn’t place it that high. More like #10 or something. Speaking of animated shows I was kinda pissed that Family Guy scored higher than South Park. Band of Brothers deserves a much higher spot, probably #3 if I could decide. And Veronica Mars should be up there too. Also there’s too much Star Trek and sci-fi shows on the list for my taste, but then again I haven’t watched most of them. ;-)

Oh, and where’s Skins and Dead Like Me?

And seeing as animated shows are allowed why not include anime? Neon Genesis Evangelion should be in top 5. It is a worldwide phenomenon after all. There’s even an English version (dub), so even though it’s from Japan I don’t think it should be excluded.

But yes, all in all an awesome list. I definitely dig the way it’s presented.

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