Second Skin Looks Interesting

I still haven’t finished watching Darkon, a documentary on LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), but that’s most likely because the subject doesn’t interest me that much. Second Skin, however, looks really good and looks like it’s more up my alley.

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Viva la iTunes

Beautiful iTunes ad starring Coldplay and their incredible song called Viva La Vida.

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On Life at the Moment

This has been the longest I’ve gone without updating the blog. Ever. The reason for this is because there’s just been so much going on lately. Last Sunday I went to a soccer match with a friend, the day after I started on my new job, Friday was spent at a new comedy club […]

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I haven’t been to any soccer matches in ages (probably 5-6 years), but today kicked some serious ass! Brøndby IF and FC København (Copenhagen) are the two biggest and best rivalry teams in the Danish soccer league and me and my friend were placed where the action was more intense; with the most hardcore […]

Great Time Machine Flick

Two months ago I had the opportunity to catch an awesome movie called Fetching Cody, which I’ve already talked about, but today I finally ordered it. As I’ve already mentioned it might be hard actually finding the movie, but again — it’s completely worth it.

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Portion Size, Then and Now

No wonder so many American are overweight. By the way, I absolutely love how the author’s latest article is called “Five Foods That Cause Anal Leakage”.
Over the past few decades, portion sizes of everything from muffins to sandwiches have grown considerably. Unfortunately, America’s waistbands have reacted accordingly. In the 1970s, around 47 percent of […]

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GTA IV Breaks 3 Guinness World Records

It seems that GTA IV is the second coming of Jesus or something like that. The game has now officially broken 3 Guinness world records:

Biggest Entertainment Release of All-Time

Highest Grossing Video Game in 24 Hours

Highest Revenue Generated by an Entertainment Product in 24 Hours


Einstein on Religion

A letter in which Einstein clearly states how he feels about religion is to be auctioned this week.
The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle […]


Bad Baby

A friend emailed me a link to this flash animation called Bad Baby and it’ll easily be the most bizarre and/or brilliant thing both you and I encounter today. You have been warned.



A scene from 21 (2008) starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth.
Back in October of last year I read /Film’s 55 Must See Movies of 2008 (great list by the way) and a movie that really caught my eye was 21. It’s based upon a “fact-based story about six MIT students who were […]


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