Fall Out Boy **** Live in Phoenix

Fall Out Boy

Apparently the **** is for you to replace with your favorite cuss word. Sweet cover in my opinion by the way.

Even though Amazon.com said it would arrive April 28th or something like that, the Fall Out Boy live DVD arrived today. It’s only fair though, because it was released on April 1st, so I was actually pretty angry when I read the late April estimation, but there’s no reason to be mad anymore. Especially not since (judging from the first 10 minutes or so) this DVD seems to kick so much ass! I’m waiting for tonight to actually watch it all, but I’m already in love. Other than 20+ live songs, it also contains 8 music videos and a 45 minute behind-the-scenes documentary. Fuck yeah.



Vi må se resten færdig i dag skat :)


Det var en rigtig fed musik DVD =)


Ja! :D

Please, Don't Be Shy