CJ7 (2008) directed, produced, written and starred by Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle).

CJ7 was a very predictable, but surprisingly moving and at times even funny story reminiscent of E.T. and Flubber, but with a Stephen Chow spin on things. I could do without some of the comedy, because some things were just too far out. I like that sometimes, but Asian movies sometimes get too ridiculous in that department if you ask me. Let me just warn you though, you won’t be able to resist CJ7, the toy in the movie, it’s possibly the cutest thing ever created. Ever. So, personally I’d recommend this mostly to kids, but also to people of all ages who enjoy a cute and fun adventure, because that’s exactly what CJ7 is.

A poor Chinese laborer learns important lessons after his son gets a strange new toy.

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