Denmark on South Park

South Park

On the most recent episode of South Park Canada on Strike we Danish were called the “Canadians of Europe”. A Dane on the show further compared us to Canada by saying “Where we come from it’s pretty cold too. We like hockey and nobody really pays any attention to us.” His wife chimed in: “Nobody knows where Denmark is”. We even had the same jumping heads that Canadians always have on South Park (watch Bigger, Longer & Uncut) so it’s safe to say that we were made fun of. I don’t mind one bit though, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself and that’s what I did. Oh, and it was fun watching all the Internet superstars killing each other.



What’s up with the guy in lederhosen standing in the right, furthest to the left.


.. the right-hand frame i mean.


He’s the Dane that’s interviewed and I don’t know why they made us (assuming you’re a Dane too because of your name?) look German or Austrian or something. :-/

And the part about hockey is not true either. We’re more of a soccer nation.

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