A Fresh Start

My blog

The current design. I call it “Red Trees” and it’s a mod (a simple one) of “Trees”, which is designed by Christopher Ware.

I’m in love with Trees, which is a theme I’ve used for a couple of months, but I felt I needed to make it more… me.

Let’s get to it, shall we? These are the things that have changed since the original version:

  • I’ve made the blog wider. 100 pixels to be exact, not much, but just what I need. This means bigger pictures, which is always good.
  • Colors. I’ve gone with black/grey/white for the most part and red for some contrast. I’m sticking with black/white photos for now.
  • Changed some fonts. Headlines have increased in size as well.

It looks kind of simple on paper, but actually I’ve spent a good portion of the day tweaking and adjusting tiny things to get it just right. I’ve also made a lot of minor CSS changes here and there, but can’t remember them right now. It’s not like a lot has changed, but enough so that it feels like a fresh start for me and that’s all I wanted. I’m not completely done yet, though, I still need to do something about the navigation, not too fond of it as it is.



Seems I was just here the other day commenting on your site and how beautiful it was then, now it looks even better. I’ve done a little redesigning myself here lately and should have everything ready to go by the end of the week! REALLY Looks Nice! KBG


Thank you so much for the kinds words, Kimberly.

BubbleBean is looking really good as well, excited to see where you’re taking the design. :-)

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