Penelope: A Fairy Tale Like No Other


Christina Ricci in Penelope (2008). James McAvoy, Catherine O’Hara (mom in Home Alone) and Reese Witherspoon also star.

Penelope, being a modern fairy tale, is not the typical movie for me to watch, but it really took me by surprise; it was very good actually.

Penelope seems like the girl that should be living the high life, a wealthy family, part of royalty, but her life isn’t perfect. Due to a shallow mistake her ancestor made, a witch cursed a face of a pig onto the next born daughter, that happens to be Penelope who apparently has to marry a man of royal blood to break the curse. But since she’s not the prettiest face on the planet, every man runs from her, but Max, a spy sent by a photographer, learns that Penelope is a beautiful soul. Penelope runs away though to find her freedom and instead finds herself and how wonderful she truly is.

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