On Using Safari for Windows

I’ve previously tried Safari for Windows, but there were so many bugs I couldn’t be bothered. A few days ago I was notified that there was an update for Safari, which I put off for a while. After some time I finally updated and I’m pleased to say that it’s light years ahead of the previous version(s). It’s actually pretty good. As with iTunes it does feel a bit awkward having an app that was intended and visually appears to be made for Mac installed on Windows, but other than that I’m of course in love with the little things that Apple has always had an eye for; like breathtaking, smooth font rendering, beautiful buttons — you know, the details. As a person who’s extremely interested in design this stuff matters to me.

That you can adjust the length of articles whenever you’re viewing a site’s RSS feed is also pretty neat:

Safari for Windows

For porn enthusiasts there’s even something called private browsing:

Turn on private browsing and Safari won’t store your Google searches, your cookies, the history of sites you’ve visited, your download history, or information from online forms you’ve filled out.

Not everything is as it should be though. I have no idea where all my quicktags, like img, link, code and so forth are. I mean, they should appear whenever I’m writing an entry, but alas they’re not.

So, should you use Safari over, say, Firefox or Internet Explorer? Perhaps not if you love Firefox and all your add-ons and I hear that FF3 should be awesome once it’s released, but as for IE that’s always a yes. Everything really is better than IE. I don’t know about IE7, but my blog doesn’t show up correctly in IE6 and that’s just typical. But no matter what, consider giving Safari a try. You might like it.



I’m a Mac user, so Safari is tops in my book, but I teach about 30 adult PC users and I’ve recommended Firefox, because of my later experience with Safari for Windows. Glad to know there has been an update. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

If you’d like to try the FF3.04b Here’s a link: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html. I guess you could say I’m currently testing it and as always with FireFox and Mac, they just don’t fit. The new GUI is very nice, but the speed still leaves something to be desired. k


Thanks for the link, I might check it out. The only reason I haven’t installed it yet is because I’m a bit hesitant, as it’ll most like make my current Firefox add-ons useless and I like my add-ons quite a bit.

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