My Pretty. Odd. Mini-Review

Panic at the Disco

Listening to Panic at the Disco’s sophomore album Pretty. Odd. feels like going on a fantastic trip to a place that doesn’t exist, but it’s a wonderful place that will make you smile like no other and you’ll want to visit time and time again. When not influenced by The Beatles many of the songs sound like something straight out of a Disney soundtrack and that’s not a bad at all if you ask me. I must admit that these guys had me doubting a bit when I first heard about this drastic change in style from their previous album. Boy, was I wrong — Pretty. Odd. is nothing short of an amazing musical behemoth!

Excuse me as I go back in time for a moment and I’m sorry for the horrible comparison ahead. What first attracted me to the Harry Potter books almost 10 years ago was the amazing detail and love that went into every aspect of the universe, it actually felt like I could live alongside the characters. It’s the same with Pretty. Odd. It feels like a place you can escape to and when the final song is over you’ll always come back feeling better than you did going in.

1. We’re So Starving
Good intro with a nice melody, I really like the crowd that they’ve added since the demo version or whatever it was they put up on their Myspace a while ago.

2. Nine In The Afternoon
I’ve simply fallen in love with this song. Great choice for a first single.

3. She’s A Handsome Woman
I really like the chorus.

4. Do You Know What I’m Seeing
At the end there’s birds singing and I don’t mind, it’s a nice touch.

5. That Green Gentlemen
Great choice for the next single. They’ve already shot the video, I can’t wait to see it! It’s one of those songs that you can’t get out of your head. With a melody like this, it’s not a problem though. I like the verses, chorus, the ending, everything basically!

6. I Have Friends In Holy Spaces
Sounds like a 30s song, but it’s quite nice actually as Panic always have had a way of creating good melodies.

7. Northern Downpour
So beautiful, one of my favorite songs on the album! I got goosebumps when I first heard it.

8. When The Day Met The Night
I’ve been wanting to hear the studio version of this for a long time and even though it sounds different than what I had expected it’s really good and lives up to my expectations! It sounds more bittersweet (?) than I had exspected, but as I said it’s such a good song.

9. Pas de Cheval
It would seem I’ve warmed up to this song, because I like it more than I thought I would judging from the preview clips I had heard prior.

10. The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know
Another very good song that sounds big.

11. Behind The Sea
Ryan Ross has a great voice! To those not in the know, he didn’t sing at all on the first album.

12. Folkin’ Around
The title basically says it all. The melody is really great though, I enjoy this song way more than I think I should.

13. She Had The World
A very beautiful song!

14. From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins
I was also surprised that I like this one so much.

15. Mad as Rabbits
Apparently the band really dig this and I can see why, it had this great nostalgic feeling to it. I’m not good at putting it into words, but their lyrics/music just makes you feel a certain way I really like.

To further describe the album, it just sounds… big. Horns, strings, harmonicas, you name it, there’s a lot of impressive instrumentation to be found here. The lyrics are cryptic at times, but that only adds to the atmosphere the album creates around you as you listen, but personally I find them simple and straightforward, yet hauntingly beautiful. I love everything about this, from the themes that can be found in the songs to the cover art, the lyrics, the instrumentation, the vocals — everything just feels right.

Pretty. Odd. and the March 25th (the day before in the UK) release date couldn’t be more perfect as it will make for a great Spring/Summer album.

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