Animal Crossing

Manly tears were shed. Ok, slight over exaggeration, but as always you know what I mean. This has got to be one of the most depressing “comics” ever.



sad really.
no tears were shed, but it was certantly thought of..


Yeah I know, me too. And I was simply exaggerating for effect. :)
Even though it did make me kinda depressed.



Have you ever seen the Grave of the Fireflies/Hotaru no Haka? It may interest you - give it a try.


Yes I have. I saw it about 4 years ago and to this date it’s the saddest movie I have ever seen, be it anime or regular movies. It was really, really good!

Thanks for recommending it though :)


Very touching story, and “fun” (cant find the right word) to see a mothers love through a videogame.. Heard so much about that game.. Im considering to get it for my DS.

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