Panic at the Disco Concert!

Panic at the Disco

Last night me and my girlfriend went to the Panic concert in Vega, Copenhagen. We almost didn’t go though.

A few days ago I started feeling sick, but fortunately I felt a bit better yesterday and seeing as the tickets were already paid for it would be a shame not to go. I’m glad we did, because I kinda forgot I didn’t feel so well for a few hours.

Below are 2 videos we recorded.

They played some of their new stuff, which I’m not sure I like yet. I have a feeling it’s gonna sound better when I hear the studio versions though, because Nine in the Afternoon didn’t sound as great live as the studio version. I love the MP3 file of the song I bought (came with the deluxe edition of the CD I pre-ordered), but I just didn’t feel it last night. The old songs were amazing to hear live though!

From the upcoming album they played the following songs: We’re So Starving, Nine in the Afternoon, That Green Gentleman, She’s A Handsome Woman and Wild As Rabbits.

I’ve read great things about their next single, which is That Green Gentleman:

God knows what the budget was for ‘Pretty. Odd’, but if it cost anything less than a million dollars to record, then the band have done well, because it certainly sounds it. This one sounds HUGE, as though Disney had decided to re-record ‘High School Musical’ with The Polyphonic Spree. Only infinitely better than that sounds.

The song was pretty good, quite catchy actually, but nothing like that description whatsoever! But as I said I have a feeling it’s because they were missing a lot of instrumentation like violion and whatever.

So the best parts was definitely their old stuff from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and it felt kinda weird hearing the new songs in between the old ones because they’re so different, but other than that it was awesome.


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