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So, I came back from Sweden a few days ago and it was simply great! Sofie and Michael, a friend couple who we went with, were fortunate enough to be able to borrow a summer cottage and invited me and my girlfriend a few weeks ago.

It turned out to be four days full of ghost houses, drinking, moose, blackouts… and candy, lots of candy.

Let me see if I can do the trip justice.



My girlfriend and I got up in the wee hours of morning and later we met up with Sofie and Michael. We drove to Sweden, only interrupted by a 20 minute ferry ride and a few shopping centers. On the way we saw something called Godis Flyget, which was a shop where you could buy an enormous amount of candy extremely cheap.

I thought it was kinda cool that the shop was an actual plane.

My girlfriend Marisa.

We finally arrived at around 4pm.

Michael and I made dinner (well, burgers) for the girls on the first night, it was the girls turn to make some for us a few days later.


This was an exciting day. One thing I want to mention is that we lived in the middle of freaking nowhere in a forest that went incredibly dark at night! Somehow that made everything all the more exciting though. But I’m not so sure I would have felt safe if it was just me and my girlfriend.

I ate more for breakfast than usual.

Michael had heard from the people who own the summer cottage that there were some sort of ghost house not far from where we were. A house where the people who once lived in it seemed to have left mysteriously from one day to the next. We decided to look for it.

Me looking for the house. We were told it wasn’t visible from the road, so we looked everywhere.

After about an hour and a few phone calls we actually did find it!

Oddly the front door was askew when we got there.

But unfortunately sometime during the winter the house had partly crashed so we couldn’t just walk right in. We had to use the back door.

The back door had a hole in it. Not big enough for any of us to get inside the house.

Creepy, a child’s bike. Why are children so scary?

While contemplating whether or not we should get inside the house (by brute force) my girlfriend took this picture showing a bit more of the ghost house.

Fuck it. We had to get in and so we did.

There were two small beds inside the house.

Now for the coolest part.


All the newspapers in the house were from September 1989!

And they were on a table, which you see as soon as you get in the house and were scattered on the table as if they had just been read.

So apparently whoever used to live there left the house 2 years after I was born, never to return! There was a calendar on the wall from 1983. And it wasn’t just the house, but the surrounding two or three barns had all kinds of stuff in ‘em too.

When we got back to our house, we were wondering why we couldn’t turn on the lights. We would soon learn that a huge tree had fallen over a power cord very close to where we were.

Guess we shouldn’t have messed with that ghost house.

That meant that all the food we had just bought was useless and since we were the only people in the area it was pretty spooky when it got dark. So we had to eat whatever we had previously bought; bread and other boring things, almost in the dark. The only light source were some candles we found in the house. We had no way of heating up the house either, so we had to use the woodburning stove, which made it unbearable hot, but it was the only way if we wanted the entire house (our rooms where we slept) to be somewhat warm.


Moose safari! What that basically involve is (in this case) 9 moose in a closed area, where you can drive around and take pictures of these enormous creatures.

We didn’t get any good pictures of them though.

After the moose safari we got something to eat at the moose safari restaurant.

It was fun, but were still worried that we wouldn’t have electricity in the house and even considerered driving back to Denmark a day early, but Michael was constantly updated via phone calls about when they thought we would be back in business. At this point it had already been postponed 3 or 4 times so we were loosing hope.

We were in luck.

Half an hour after we got home the lights suddenly turned on!

This meant a world of difference and we were really happy. :)


Final day, not much to tell. We cleaned up and left and headed back to Denmark.


We’re going to Sweden again in 3 weeks.



Sounded like a great trip :)! Nice pictures, and cool story about that ghost house! Creepy place, and spooky that the tree falls..

Hehe, one thing I find a little funny, is that you guys made dinner for the girls (nice of you to do), but it’s burgers :)! Thats not hard to make :P (it’s still nice of you.. It’s the though thats counts).


Indeed a great trip and it was creepy alright :-)

Only mentioned the dinner thing because I wanted to mention that they made us some food in return on the final night. Kinda a deal we made. Seems I forgot to mention that. But right you are, not the most complex dinner, but tasty as hell =)


Hey I to hehe.. Næste gang laver Sofie og jeg hotdogs - ret så nemt :P


Glæder jeg mig til :)

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