Erratic Wisdom

Erratic Wisdom

I just listed Tom Fadial’s newly redesigned Erratic Wisdom as one of my top 5 favorite blog designs, but I’m so infatuated with it that I thought it deserved its very own entry.

As I already mentioned I absolutely love the black/white/yellow color scheme. Personally I’ve never really used yellow in any of the previous themes I’ve had or any design-related work for that matter, but he makes it look really great. I’m also a big fan of the background pattern. I’ve had a somewhat similar background a while ago and I don’t know why, but as with Shaun Inman’s website, it looks stunning when used properly. At the bottom of the site are the archives in all its AJAX glory and they look and feel phenomenal.

The only complaint I have is the sidebar. I like the site much better when I can see the sidebar and the content is centered. Centered designs feel way more balanced to me and makes it that much more of pleasure for me to look at. Even though Tom did mention why he decided to hide the sidebar in his post, I still think it’s a shame as it’s great and I can’t help but pulling that sidebar out all the time and that gets a bit annoying. Everything else is amazing and I think this may inspire me a bit for my next theme, but that won’t be for a long time as I’m still enjoying the minimalism.


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