On Milk


I haven’t had any milk for more than two years. That’s when my stomach started to hurt every time I drank it, so of course I stopped. I mean, who wouldn’t? I thought it was weird that I would be allergic to milk all of a sudden after all these years of drinking milk, but didn’t really question it that much since I knew for a fact that it made me feel horrible and that was enough for me. But time sure flies and I’ve really been missing it from time to time. Recently I finally gave in and bought some different soy milk to try and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s actually not that bad. I don’t know why, but I’ve always refused to even taste it, but fortunately my girlfriend kinda forced me. The first one I tried wasn’t good at all because it tasted like plastic or something, then I tried another which I hadn’t noticed was apple-flavored and it was actually pretty good, but the one I’m sticking with was the third one I tried. Maybe it’s because I can hardly remember what real milk tastes like, but soy milk can be very good and I’m actually very happy that I can finally have it again. Still kinda bummed I can’t have real milk, but soy milk is even more healthy for you, although quite expensive; I pay more than twice the price of regular milk, but I’d rather do that then have no milk at all.

On a sidenote, remind me of buying MILK, a slick-looking desk that will be more than compatible with my future Mac.



Oh I like milk ^^
It’s the best!…
Can’t imagine life with a substitute such as soy milk… tastes wierd :S..


Sure go rub it in my face, thanks a lot you prick :-P

No but seriously, some are pretty good. So I’d say that when it’s bad, it’s fucking terrible as I’ve experienced with at least one kind of soy milk I tried, but when it’s good it’s actually pretty good. Plus healthy as I already stated. I think I read somewhere that regular milk is not even good for humans: http://www.healthboards.com/boards/archive/index.php/t-13460.html

Apparently it can lead to:

Doctors say cow’s milk can lead to iron deficiency anemia, allergies, diarrhea, heart disease, colic, cramps, gastrointestinal bleeding, sinusitis, skin rashes, acne, increased frequency of colds and flus, arthritis, diabetes, ear infections, osteoporosis, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and more, possibly even lung cancer, multiple sclerosis and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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