Five Beautiful Blogs

This entry is nothing earth-shattering, just a list of some pretty designs I enjoy. Really enjoy. The following five blogs sport designs that make me feel envious to the core. But they also inspire me to push what little design talent I have further.


Big, bold, beautiful design. I’m literally in love with Bence Kucsan’s work. The header, the colors, everything just works. Perfect.

His newly released WordPress magazine theme called News is also pretty impressive (as is the site on which he’s selling it).

Tobias Baeck

Tobias Baeck

Lovely color scheme and original blog design.

The Big Noob

The Big Noob

Ryan Sims’ blog. Again with the boldness, also looks great. I love the typography in the sidebar under “popular posts”.

Erratic Wisdom


Wow! This is one of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever laid eyes on. Color me impressed. I absolutely love the white/black/yellow color scheme.

Coda Coza


Great-looking dark design.


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