Chinese Democracy Album of the Year

Classic Rock thinks that Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy was the best album of 2007. That’s pretty cool, especially considering the album isn’t even out yet! That’s right, they liked the 7 leaked tracks (Chinese Democracy, Better, The Blues, IRS, There Was A Time, Magagascar and Catcher In The Rye) so much that it beat all other officially released rock albums that were released last year. That’s pretty insane because the songs are just demos, some rough demos even.

While I’m not quite ready to call it “Album of the Year” I think all the songs (except IRS) sound awesome. And epic as fuck. According to my profile GnR is my 11th 9th most played artist, which is pretty good since those tracks are the only GnR songs I’ve listened to. Well it’s more like I’ve listened to 5 out of those 7 tracks since I didn’t hear Madagascar and Catcher in the Rye until a couple of days ago. CITR is fantastic. Really amazing.

Let’s hope this somehow encourages Axl Rose to get a move on.

Nah, it won’t.


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