Blaqk Audio

I recently found out about Blaqk Audio and haven’t been able to stop listening to their debut album CexCells, which was released last summer. It’s really good. As I mentioned recently New York Post’s article 207 Best Songs to Download from 2007 made me discover some new tracks and one of those was Blaqk Audio’s Snuff On Digital.

Wikipedia has the following to say about the band:

Blaqk Audio is an electronic music endeavour, created by and consisting of Davey Havok and Jade Puget, both members of the band AFI. Blaqk Audio features Davey as lyricist and vocalist, with Jade writing and programing the music.

I thought his voice sounded familiar, but must admit that I didn’t realize it was the guy from AFI who sang before reading that. I love AFI too by the way. But please do check them out.


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