Cinema Bizarre

While Cinema Bizarre is a band that is made up of guys who look like something out of a Final Fantasy game/anime their album Final Attraction kicks some serious ass. It’s like futuristic powerpop/rock or something like that. I listen to all the songs, which happens so rarely. I simply can’t get enough. Be sure to check out my previous post about their first single.

PS: Now that I think about it the theme of the record also reminds me a great deal of Blade Runner. The cover, some of the sounds in the songs. That and Final Fantasy.

PPS: The song The Way We Are sounds so much like Linkin Park.

Cinema Bizarre - Final Attraction



I agree… they rock!! :-P
Although I don’t find myself listening to all the songs on Final Attraction, There’s a great deal of good ones on it ^^

my favourites are:

-Forever or never
-I don’t believe
-Escape to the stars
-Lovesongs (They kill me)

Great band, although wierd-looking :-D


Forever or Never is me and Marisa’s favorite ;-)

Well I’m glad you like a couple at least.

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