Organizing Stuff Feels Great

Phew! Finally got around to organizing me and my girlfriend’s photos from the past year a.k.a. when we (well, she) got a camera. We have about 750 pictures taken during concerts (Fall Out Boy, Volbeat, Infernal and Panic at the Disco), vacations (Poland, Sweden) and other times when you just invite a few friends […]

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10,000 B.C. Trailer

Note to self: watch this somehow.

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Panic at the Disco Concert!

Last night me and my girlfriend went to the Panic concert in Vega, Copenhagen. We almost didn’t go though.
A few days ago I started feeling sick, but fortunately I felt a bit better yesterday and seeing as the tickets were already paid for it would be a shame not to go. I’m glad […]

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Strawberry Fields Forever

So, I came back from Sweden a few days ago and it was simply great! Sofie and Michael, a friend couple who we went with, were fortunate enough to be able to borrow a summer cottage and invited me and my girlfriend a few weeks ago.
It turned out to be four days full of […]


Jimmy Kimmels’s Fucking Ben Affleck

Easily the funniest/best video I’ve seen in a while! So many freaking celebrities it’s just insane. McLovin was a nice touch.

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Sweden, Here I Come!

Tomorrow I’m going to Sweden with my girlfriend and a couple of friends. Can’t wait! I’ll be back Sunday.


The Little Girl Giant

Watch this. It’s weird.

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Welcome to the NHK

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Welcome to the NHK so I just bought it and since I’m more interested in novels than manga/anime most of the time, with a few exceptions of course, I went with the novel version. I’m really looking forward to start reading this.
According to Amazon the […]


It Had to Be You

Motion City Soundtrack’s newest single from their amazing album Even If It Kills Me that I’ve previously mentioned.

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Indiana Jones 4 Trailer

The trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is looking good!

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