I Mean It This Time


Ok, I mean it this time. I’m gonna stick with this theme no matter what. Christopher Ware of ExplodingBoy let me have this theme simply called Trees since he wasn’t using it anymore and I’ve been a long time admirer of this theme. He said he’d release this one and some others down the road, but right now I really enjoy being the only one who have it. I guess that’s sort of what I’ve been missing with all the previous themes I’ve had; they weren’t unique, many were all over the place.

One of the first things I noticed is how fast this theme seems to be. I love that! I’ve been wanting to go single-column for a very long time, so that’s just perfect as well. All pages should work, but let me know if you experience any problems.



Damn right, very beautiful :D

Btw, do you have to pay for these skins, or can you just take them?


You think so too? :-)

As I mentioned one of the things I really love is how fast it is. I tried going to the most popular entries ( http://blog.juno3.com/about/entries/ ) and I was really surprised, because usually it takes a while to load especially those entries. Also really like the trees at the bottom right. Christopher Ware really did an awesome job with this.

By “these skins” I assume you mean this one and the last black one you also liked? I haven’t paid anything for either if those are the themes you referred to. I have paid for two previously, but that was while ago and if I ever pay for one again it’ll be because I want to have a somewhat unique blog design — and right now I do have one.


And how do you obtain those skins? You download them or something?

I’m just curious, because I’m starting some sort of blog too ;p


Yeah I simply download the theme, unzip it, upload via FTP and then activate it. It’s very easy actually.

I must say I’m looking forward to see your blog. :-)

Here’s some themes for you to check out (they’re all free):

Link 1
Link 2

Have you thought of a name/domain yet?


Great, thx for those links!

Well, I was moderator on the forum of the Official Playstation Magazine in Benelux, but I got kinda ‘fired’ (not my fault, there’s a new webmaster and he’s a nazi :p).

Now that forum is closed for a while (’riots’ against the webmaster, can’t blame them), so I decided to create a new forum for that community.

So I also thought of a blog by that, to attract more visitors. I’m not that great to create a blog from scratch (I have some programming knowledge like PHP, ASP and Javascript, but not enough) , so it’s a good alternative to do it like this.

I’ll give you the link if it’s done ;-)


Oh that’s pretty cool, the being a mod part I mean not that you were fired.

I think it’s a great idea to start a blog as well, couldn’t hurt if you’re looking to get more people to notice you and you may also find that blogging can be really fun. I know I did :-)

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