Chinese Democracy Finished

Today the Guns ‘N Roses Chinese Democracy newsletter showed up in my inbox and there were some good news:

According to Metal Hammer and Classic Rock, quoting Axl Roses personal assistant Beta Lebeis, Chinese Democracy has been finished before Christmas 2007. Axl Rose is currently in negotiations with the record company to work out a marketing strategy and release date.

Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed confirmed the same information earlier. The magazines speculate on a Summer 2008 release.

It was about time.



Seriously though, is anyone actually expecting this to be any good?

I’m not flaming, that’s a valid question… Rock music has moved on so much since the last G&R record and, regardless of the fact that I can’t stand them, I can’t help but think that this album will suck ass when held against contemporary works…

I suppose I needn’t worry, because if I have anything to do with it I’ll never hear it, but I just worry about everyone who’s expecting a miraculous return to form… Surely they can’t live up to the hype?


Lots of people expect it to be good, even great. But far more people think it will be the flop of the century or something like this and I can see why. It’s not often someone famous spent ~15 years working on a record, or records if rumors are true.

I’m not even a GNR fan, but back in May of ‘06 when I heard a couple of leaked tracks; Chinese Democracy, The Blues, There Was a Time, R.N.S. and Better I was blown away. Really. Well, except for R.N.S., dunno if it was an early demo or something, but I didn’t really care for it. But the others were great and they were just demos. Just like Metallica and lot of other bands don’t follow trends (aka keeping up with contemporary works), I don’t think that that means that it cannot be successful.

Those 4 songs that I’ve heard over and over again are a mix of old GNR with a more contemporary sound, so I don’t think they sound too old or anything. Just like some of their old songs have stood the test of time I think this might be full of songs that will too. Because from what I’ve heard some of the songs are rather epic.

Do you simply hate their music or just Axl Rose, who’s basically the only member left? Because I gotta tell you that rarely does band members, whether they are nice or not have any impact on my thoughts about their music. I mean, it’s all about the music, not who makes it. Except for U2, I cannot stand Bono. Lots of people seem to hate Axl Rose though.


It’s true that I can’t stand Axl Rose, his voice goes right through me, but I’ve never liked the band’s music… I’m maybe not qualified to comment on Chinese Democracy, but I know I’ll be ignoring the crap out of it when it hits store shelves…

So I guess we can expect Duke Nukem Forever shortly after this is released too? :)


So you don’t even remotely enjoy November Rain? Or Sweet Child o’ Mine? It’s ok if you don’t I just thought that at least a few tracks would appeal to almost everyone. I don’t like a lot of their songs though. Including those 4 leaked songs, I like probably around 8-9 total.

But yes I guess it could be the soundtrack to DNF ;-)

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