Ridiculous Moment in the Hitman Movie


Earlier today I was watching Hitman and in it was a moment that was so ridiculous it wasn’t even funny. Hitman is being chased in a hotel and he decides to escape by jumping through a window (using a rope) and he finds himself in the room beneath the one he was just in. There are two kids in the room and they’re playing a game, yup you guessed it… Hitman! There’s nothing wrong with this as paying homage to the game is perfectly fine, but the way they did it was just bad. As soon as he’s in the room the camera focuses on the game for a brief moment, the kids look at him, then each other and then the game again even though it was already shown at the beginning and they are obviously shocked that he looks like the dude they’re playing. Well, that’s because it is him. Bad, bad, bad! I hate when movies are dumbed down like this, because they desperately want everybody to catch the joke or whatever the reason may be. It would have been much funnier, cool even, if they had just shown it once and some people would have caught it and some wouldn’t. Why do we have to cater to the lowest common denominator?



That couldn’t have been less funny if one of the kids was drinking something, and then upon seeing the guy look at the drink as if to say “what’s in this?”


Right you are! I thought this movie might be the one that would be good even though it’s based on a game, but no. I really wanted to think that because Hitman is basically the only success in the games industry Denmark has experienced. But it hasn’t happened yet, for me at least.


I think it’s ok.. I mean, it’s just a video game… And it’s not “him” entirely.. I mean, it’s a small hiding joke for “insiders”.. Nothing wrong with that.. And cmon! That cant ruin a whole movie.


It didn’t ruin the movie it just pulled me out of the “world of Hitman” when I saw that for a while. And the scene was dumbed down beyond belief. It was almost insulting to me as a viewer. But that’s just me… so I didn’t mean that scene alone ruined the movie, everything else did a perfectly fine job of doing that. The movie wasn’t that bad, but not good either imo. :-/

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