MacHeads the Movie

I’ll be all over this when it’s released. And I’m pretty sure one of the guys said he’s from Denmark. Just had to point that out.



You’re a Mac fan then? I don’t think I’ve seen you mention your fandom yet… What system have you got? I’m jonesing for a MacBook like you wouldn’t believe…


I am a Mac fan, but the reason you don’t see me mentioning it all the time is because I don’t have one. Confused? Read on…

Back in 2006 I was a graphic design student and as most people in that business we were forced to learn using a Mac if we didn’t already. Well, there were 50% PCs and 50% Macs, but that was only because it was school and I had always wanted to try one, and since I figured I’d have to learn it sooner or later I chose a Mac. It was like an epiphany I swear… I never knew how awesome they were and how great Mac OS X was until then. Design and Macs just go hand in hand, so I really need one… badly. I mean, after using a Mac during the day in school I always dreaded coming home to my damn PC…

I’ve been thinking about getting an iMac, but I’m not sure yet. A MacBook would be quite nice as well :-)

Are you on a Mac now?


I’m not sure if this is a sign or not, but two seconds after writing that reply, this shows up in my inbox:


Nope… I’m a Mac fan, but the reason you don’t see me mentioning it all the time is because I don’t have one. Confused? Read on…

Actually, I don’t really have a story… I’m sick of XP, Vista is terrible and Leopard Rules. The hardware being gorgeous helps as well… I haven’t designed anything on a Mac, and to be honest I can probably work faster on a PC, but I want a computer that works and isn’t going to hang whenever I tell………………………….it to do two things at once…

I’d love an iMac (we’ve got one at the office), but to start with I’ll settle for a MacBook… They’re not too cheap compared to a comparable Windows laptop, but it will be so much more awesome…


Haha! Yeah, I’d take that as a sign! The fact that my computer sucks all kinds of ass is enough of a sign for me :)


Well lemme just say that when you do get to design something on a Mac (a Mac Pro at least, which is what I’ve tried) and you learn your way around things, you’ll design more beautifully. That’s my experience at least. A Mac + a good screen will make you an even better designer, that’s one of the reason I love Apple and Macs. They just kinda inspire you with all their beautiful products… man I need to save up some money right now, because just talking about it makes me want a Mac even more :-P


I’ve never been too keen on how OS X handles program windows.. If I’m working in a program with a lot of pallets (like Photoshop), I like everything being in the one window, you know… I hate clicking on a program through another by accident and having it jump to the front… I also like my windows maximised, but I’ve heard there’s an app that lets you do that in OS X.

Also, pressing Enter when highlighting a file allows you to change its name? WTF? I want to open it!

I’ll have to make some adjustments here and there, but once I’m settled in I’m positive that there’ll be no going back…

I’m holding out on MacBooks until they release the next line of products… I’ve got a sneaky feeling that Apple’s other laptops will get the same multi-touch stuff as the MacBook Air, along with possible hardware upgrades and (hopefully) a price drop…

I could go for a Mac Mini I suppose, although I’ve gotten used to not having a seperate monitor on my desk now… I’ve got a 21″ CRT… It goes back for miles… I like the space that the laptop is saving me, so I think I’l stick with it for a bit…


There’s definitely some things you either have to get used to or find an alternative way to do things like you normally do. It took me a while to get used to the whole one button mouse-thing. That was really annoying at first.

If you have a lot of folders/apps open you’ll appreciate that the windows are minimized. I did at least. And the button on the side of the mouse that allows for a better overview, Exposé: will make you work faster and more efficient than ever before. I didn’t know how I felt about the minimized windows at first either, but I ended up really loving it.

I think it’s a wise decision to wait a bit. You never know with Apple ;-)

Sounds like we’re (almost) in the same boat, the only difference being that I “only” have a 20″… it just takes up so much space it’s ridiculous. A laptop would look way better for the both of us right now I guess then :D


The mouse thing isn’t an issue, the Mighty Mouse works perfectly well for middle and right clicking…

I don’t mean that I prefer having my apps open because I can get around quicker, I like them filling up the whole screen so I don’t accidentally click something behind it, which would bring it to the front… Thing is, windows programs have a “wall” at the back to stop you clicking beneath it, and Mac apps don’t have that, I could click through one app and give focus to another… That will be tough to get used to.


Oh I see what you mean. Well I can pretty much assure you that if you use it all the time for a week you’ll have gotten used to most of the stuff, so sure, there might still be a few things, but I guess there are some settings to play around with, not sure though :-/

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