January 30th is International Delete Your Myspace Account Day

I’m not sure I will actually go through with this, but it sounds like a good idea. Those e-mails saying “One or more of your friends have birthdays coming up this week. Visit MySpace to find out who!” are so fucking annoying. It sounds so much like spam and to me it is.



Funnily enough I tried to delete my Mhyspaec account just last week when I went on my big online clean up… If everyone suffers the same experience as me then the activities of the 30th will be a waste of time…

I followed the instructions on the site and I’m still waiting for my account closure confirmation email. Apparently there’s a link in there to finish the process, but it hasn’t turned up… Nor has it turned on any of the four occasions I tried.

I’m either putting it down to MySpace being sneaky and not letting you close your account, or the website simply doesn’t work.

I’m willing to bet it’s a little from column A, and a lot from column B.


Wow, I can’t believe they’re making it that difficult to close your own account! The only thing Myspace is good for is reaching a huge audience if you’re a musician. If I was a musician I would probably be very active there even though I hated it, but I never use the site anymore, so I really don’t know what’s holding me back… hmm I’ll let you know if I suceed in deleting my account :S


The only thing Myspace is good for is reaching a huge audience if you’re a musician.

I’m not even sure it’s useful for that… Sure there have been a few success stories, but it’s not because MySpace exists that musicians are doing well from it… It doesn’t guarantee a massive audience no more than setting up your own site. It just lowers the barrier for entry by providing the tools to get your self up and running…

Anyway, that aside, are you actually going to trash your account?


And by a few I think there are hundreds of success stories actually, perhaps not as big as those you listed, but still. ;-) Bands who now live off their music, which started on Myspace is something I’ve read about numerous times. Especially the kind of bands I listen to have a tendency to get big on the Internet.

It doesn’t guarantee a success I’ll give you that, but I strongly believe it’s one of the sites out there that will increase the chance greatly as opposed to other sites with similar features. Purevolume ( http://www.purevolume.com/ ) is an excellent site, both in terms of design and features, but I haven’t heard about any success stories from there and I have a feeling that it has something to do with the size of the audience.

Am I going to delete the account? Not sure, I kinda like having the url, even though I’m pretty sure nobody would steal it… I have such a hard time throwing anything away, the same goes for stuff from my childhood, even though it’s useless things :-/


Wooo! I figured why wait until the 30th and tried deleting my account again… And it worked this time :)

Out, damn spot!



They hid the “delete account” link pretty well, or? :-P

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