Enso Is Now Free, Go Get It


A while ago I heard about this cool program for Windows, that allowed you to perform tedious tasks quicker. Just have a look at the screenshot I took above. I wrote the part that’s in white letters; “open photo” and Enso quickly suggested Adobe Photoshop CS3. Today that program, is free.

This is what it’s all about:

Enso is dead simple to use. You just hold down the Caps Lock key and type an Enso command, which is displayed in a translucent overlay. Once the command is typed, you simply release the Caps Lock key to activate it, and the overlay disappears. If you type fast, it all happens in a flash. For instance, to launch the Firefox Web browser, you just hold down the Caps Lock key and type “open firefox.” To look up the meaning of the word “proclivity,” you just hold down the Caps Lock key and type “define proclivity.”

Isn’t it cool? I’m already enjoying it immensely.



Great find… Humanized make ace products, they’re UI geniuses…

I’ve been using Launchy (www.launchy.net) as a keystroke launcher (alt+space and start typing), but I often forget it’s there.

I’m going to give Enso a try and see if I can used to that one instead :)


What products have you used of theirs before this one? I hadn’t heard about them until I heard about Enso sometime last year. But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed… I know it’s not much but having to only hold caps lock down instead of alt+space sounds a bit easier and more natural, plus it looks great if you ask me… which is very important to us design enthusiasts :-)


I haven’t used any of their products, because they haven’t launched any, but just by reading their site and looking at what they’re working on you can tell that they know what they’re doing…

I love the Humanized reader… It works very similarly to Google Reader (my aggregator of choice), but without all that interface… When I load up Google Reader I just scroll right down to the bottom until I have no unread items, I never use the pane on the left… I’d love to ust have the content, with all the subscription options kept elsewhere… If they ever launch that then I’m gonna jump straight on it…

Launchy is easier to learn I think, but once I’m used to Enso I’m sure I’ll fall in love with it… And you’re right, it does look really nice…

I don’t have a problem holding a key down, but I wish that after typing your first character you could let go… That would make more sense to me…


Hadn’t seen the reader before and you’re right, looks very nice! It’s actually really really good.

I know what you mean about letting go after typing your character… I think I have to get used to that as well, but besides that I think Enso does a lot of things right. I’m also fond of Enso Words, dunno if you played around with that yet, but for me, whose primary language isn’t English, it’s pretty nice.


Haven’t played with Words yet… Downloading now… What site does it use for its dictionary? Is that configurable?

Seeing as though it’s still in beta I might email them and recommend the “release key after first keystroke” thing. It would make it a little easier to use…


It uses answers.com. The only thing you can configure at this point is what key you want to press to activate Enso and whether it should sticky or standard:

If you would still like Enso to be sticky, selecting the “Sticky” option above and click the “Save Changes” button below. Enso will now remain open until “Enter” is pressed (this will execute your typed command). You can dismiss Enso without performing a command by hitting the Escape key.

Yeah you should email them. But I hear they have a lot of cool features coming up in the next release. They promised not to get lazy, just because it’s free =)

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