The Most Well Designed Flags of the World


I was reading (great blog by the way) and came across a link, where all the flags of the world are given a grade based on its design; either A, B, C or a fail grade.

Some time ago, browsing through my friend’s atlas, I realised that there are significant differences in quality between the flags of different countries. Some are good, some are bad. Some countries have clearly taken care in the choice of colours, layout, and design. Others have been lazy, stolen the flags of their neighbours, or just designed flags that are clearly supposed to cause pain to those who look at them.

While I don’t agree with all of the grades, I think he gets most of them right.

These are my personal favorite flags in random order: Canada, Japan, Somalia, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Estonia. Most of those aren’t very original, but I really enjoy the colors. If I had to choose just one I would choose Canada.



used to read your blog

– I’m great that the posts are centered now
– looks so much more… pleasing

anyway - the Japanese flag is not really something to boast about - isn’t it… I would vote for the British one - it’s symmetrical and feels balanced


One of the reasons I switched was because the old one wasn’t centered… couldn’t get past that either.

The Japanese one isn’t busy and full of all this stuff, which is good. Like the website says: “A classic. Simple, to the point.” Yes, it’s very very simple, but it’s easy to recognize and still one of the better ones out there in my opinion.

The UK flag is pretty good, but I find that the pattern is nowhere near as pleasing to look at as Canada’s. It’s borderline busy I would say, but pretty good choice of colors though. But the UK is definitely up there =)

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