Interview With Matt Reeves, Director of Cloverfield

Ok, so this interview with Matt Reeves is from about a month ago, but I still thought it was interesting.

And I was like, “Guys, this movie is huge, and it’s clearly filled with a tremendous number of visual effects.” I’d never done visual effects before. And they were like, “Yeah, but the thing is we feel like there are any number of people who we could bring in who might be the obvious choice for the monster part of the movie, but we’re really interested in what you’re interested in, in the things that you like to do, which have to do more with character and naturalism and realism. And then I got very excited and I realized that the very concept was just so exciting to think about doing something that was epic in scale but intimate in the way you approached it. Ain’t It Cool News

Yes, I’m tormenting myself by finding all this Cloverfield-related stuff. It’s just that I haven’t been this excited about a movie since… I don’t even remember.


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