Cloverfield Sets Record

Cloverfield is doing great:

“Cloverfield,” a low-budget Godzilla-style horror movie, scared up a monstrous $41 million opening at the weekend box office in North America, almost twice the tally of the new romance “27 Dresses.”

And not only that, but it also set a new record:

“Cloverfield,” a $25 million movie with a no-name cast from Paramount Pictures, set a record for a January release, surpassing the $35.9 million reissue of “Star Wars” in 1997.

(via Yahoo! Movies)



I guess people are really into horror/thriller movies now, aren’t they…

are you still reading/watching/collecting/whatevering anime or manga, by any chance?


Well I think people have been into horror movies for a long long time.

I haven’t bought anything anime/manga-related in a long time. Not since The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya vol. 1 actually. The thing is that when I buy anime I have to do it from the US (I live in Denmark) mostly and that costs a lot of money because of VAT, postage and so forth.

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