Stilbruch, a Breakthrough Style for


Stilbruch is German and literally means breakthrough style. I think. My German is a bit rusty, so I could be a bit wrong regarding the right translation, but the overall meaning is there. And it’s true. It’s a very minimalistic light-on-dark theme, but in my opinion has that bit of class too it as well. It’s not that long ago (about a week), since I tried on a similar simple theme, but it had some annoying things to it that I just couldn’t be bothered trying (keyword being trying) to tweak. Stilbruch, however, met almost all of my expectations I have from a theme from the get-go.

The theme was made by Marcel Winatschek of Amy & Pink, who makes some pretty sweet themes if you ask me. So all credit goes to him, I’ve only changed a few things here and there like the logo, translating almost everything from German to English and a couple of other things. Hope you like it, I know I do.



Awesome skin, best yet, to my opinion :)


Glad you like it, I’m actually loving it more by the minute :D


Woah… Bold design man…

You’re really going crazy with the simplicity thing aren’t you? :P

Looks great, although I think a little more customisation would be good… Makes it more your own I think, but that’s just me :)


I can’t get enough of simplicity, it just feels more comfortable right now :-)

And right you are. It’s all about making things a bit more personal, it’s just that with a theme like this it’s a bit hard to find something to change. The slightest changes in terms of color, imagery, fonts or whatever could mean that it wouldn’t be as great anymore, so I’ll have to watch my steps…

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