American Idol Losing Its Touch?

ABC News has an article about American Idol and how it may be going downhill.

Just because you get a record deal for being a star on American Idol doesn’t mean you’ll make it big.

Poor album sales got three “Idol” stars booted from their record labels: Season two winner Ruben Studdard, season five winner Taylor Hicks and season five runner up Katharine McPhee.

While I think the show is pretty entertaining (one of my guilty pleasures), I don’t think it’s a good thing if they choose personality over talent.

The Sanjaya phenomenon — the 18-year-old spawned YouTube spoofs, conspiracy theories and a legion of “Fanjayas” — proved again that the “Idol” audience doesn’t necessarily care about talent as much as personality.

It makes for great entertainment, but:

Is “American Idol,” one of the highest-rated programs on TV, losing its touch?

It could be. It’s too early to tell whether the new season will be any good.


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