Weird Alert Message

This message doesn’t make much sense. It’s not my desktop by the way.



That makes absolutely no sense what so ever :-P!

The sense in that does not already exist!!!!


Yes it’s quite weird isn’t it?:-P

By the way, glad you were able to comment, but how hard was it to figure out where to write the e-mail address and name? Just asking because I know it looks like shit right now, but don’t fret; I’m working with someone on it… Just wanted to know how hard it actually is for someone to comment here.


Seeing that I’m a member, I don’t have to write mail and name…

so I logged out in order to check it out :-P
.. And it seems to be easy enough to find.. I mean.. it’s just above the textfield… pretty sdtandard ^^

By the way, I’ve noticed how you seem to have embraced that middlename of yours; Ihlemann…
When did that happen? I mean seriously, just a few years back you went ballistic everytime it was mentioned!!! (Oh the memories :-P )


Oh yeah, same here, so I don’t have a problem either… I just wondered how difficult it would be for people who have to manually type in the info, but you are are member of course.

So you noticed. :-P
Well, I guess I started embracing it a few months ago, because it’s really different and I like how it sounds in English. Try pronouncing it out loud: Dennis Ihlemann. Sort of like the word “aisle” and then “mann” if that makes sense? I dunno, I kinda dig that :D
Besides, Larsen is all too common, at least here in Denmark so I wanted to try it out. I’ve actually been thinking about making it my last name IRL, but we’ll see…

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