I’ve Got the Blues (Fishy)

As some may have noticed things are looking a bit different around here. I needed something that was lightning fast to browse and just overall easy on the eyes. SparkWP (codenamed Fishy), a WordPress theme by Steven Campbell of Sparkissimo came to my rescue. Only two images are used: the logo and a bullet for listing things. That’s under 10Kb of imagery, which makes this the most simple and elegant theme I’ve used. I wrote an email to him a few months ago asking when he’d release his current theme (as I had seen it mentioned somewhere that he was going to eventually) and about three weeks ago he did.

What I like

I’m literally in love with the colors. It’s evident, to me at least, that these colors were chosen very carefully and as a color enthusiast I can really appreciate that. It’s minimalistic and kinda reminds me a bit of Daring Fireball, but not so much that it feels weird. Both are great designs, but different.

The fonts are just great in my opinion.

My blog can finally breathe again! With more whitespace, it’s time to focus on writing a more. Content is king.

Minimalistic design, but good-looking without being overly flashy.

What I’ve changed

I have a hard time just downloading a theme and not changing a single thing about it. Not that I’ve played that much around with anything, but I have tried out and kept some stuff.

Instead of simply having Juno3.com show up as text, I’ve made a logo of sorts at the top with my name to make it more personal. I kinda dig it, although it might undergo some change.

When hovering over images it goes from a bit dark to brighter/normal. I’ve seen this effect on other sites and really like it. I also think it fits with a light-on-dark design like this. Too bright pictures (if necessary later on) would not look that good I think. It would probably look ok, but I like what I’ve done here.

The CSS I added was rather straightforward.

.post img {
opacity: 0.8;

And when hovering over images, the opacity level changes to normal; 1.0.

.post a:hover img {
opacity: 1.0;

What needs to be fixed

There are some problems I need to work with. For instance I have some trouble with the comment form. It simply won’t show up correctly and the input boxes are all over the place and the text describing the fields only shows up when you first click on a box and then click somewhere else. If I’m logged in everything looks great though, so I’m ok with having to leave it like this for a while if I have to. I’ll do everything to fix it as fast as possible though.

When searching for something that returns quite a few posts there’s no way to choose a page 2 to see the rest of the results.

I’m also gonna bring back ads somewhere. (Update: done.)

I would like to have my Flickr pictures back.

Other than what I’ve mentioned I don’t have any problems so far. I might run into some, but will deal with them as I find them.


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