Six Blogs I Will Always Love

These 6 blogs are run by people I really respect and all of them have one thing in common: they are all amazing designers.

John Gruber

John Gruber’s blog, where he writes mostly about Apple, is one of the most minimalistic blogs out there, yet it’s one of the most breathtaking I’ve seen. At least for me. Everything is laid out so perfectly and it’s obvious that he’s though carefully about all the details. In one entry he even says that it took him 6 weeks to decide on the right shade of background color.

Michael Heilemann

Binary Bonsai is Heilemann’s blog and he writes about movies, games and other stuff. Although his blog is quite minimalistic I think it’s in a really good way and it’s always nice to see what he has to say on any subject, so it’s all about the content here.

Shaun Inman

Shaun Inman is the guy behind Mint, the amazing looking stats app. His blog is gorgeous and uses an innovative way of showing the age of posts; the background color fades. So, that means that each day of the year is associated with a different color. Nice.

Derek Punsalan

Other than sporting a great-looking theme Derek also writes some interesting entries. Some of the themes he’s released to the public are really great too, especially the October Special, which I’ve used myself.

Matt Brett

Matt Brett is an incredible designer. I think his blog speaks for itself.

Veerle Pieters

Veerle’s blog is almost legendary within the design world. She writes some excellent entries and tutorials.

So there you have it.



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Like the new design, but I’ve got some feedback if I may… Email me if you want to hear it… I’ll keep it off-list seeing as though that’s not what this entry is about…

I love all six of those bloggers, and I’m subscribed to the lot, but I’m disappointed that my blog didn’t make the cut :P


A lot happened and I’ve sent you an email, as I’d love to hear your opinion.

Sorry, how could I forget you ;-)

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