I’ve Developed a Love / Hate Relationship with YouTube

Everybody loves YouTube and in a way, so do I.

I mean, you can find almost anything there, but lately I’ve grown a bit tired of it. It’s not because of the lack of original, cat-filled or downright hilarious videos, because there are plenty of those. No, it’s because of the users. Yes I know I’m also part of YouTube, but so far I’d estimate that a good 50% of all the people who comment and send PMs to other YouTube users are comeplete and utter retards - or 12 years old.

Same thing really.

I’ve lost count of all the people who write to me, without having read what I wrote about a particular video, and start saying mean things about me. Simply based on a video I’ve uploaded they don’t like. It’s no secret that most of the hate I get is because of a video making fun of Harry Potter. Although it does get the most attention of all the videos I’ve uploaded it’s not the only one that people get upset about. I’ve never experienced this kind of interaction with a site’s users before. There are certain forums that are better than others when it comes to the general tone and I have experienced a few bad ones, but nothing comes close to YouTube. And it’s not just me, I see these kind of mean comments on many videos. So, that’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that the ratio between retards and normal people is not looking good on YouTube. I’m not sure I like YouTube that much anymore overall. I feel like the design has gotten worse, everybody knows about the site and I don’t like a lot of the changes there. Back in late 2005 or early 2006 I feel like things were much better.

YouTube isn’t bad all the time though, otherwise I wouldn’t have an account there. It does feel quite nice having uploaded a few successful videos even though I didn’t make them personally. With nearly 500 subscribers and my videos having been watched more than 7.5 million times in total (The Harry Potter vid has 5.7 million views alone) I’m not quite ready to close my account. Not yet at least. But there’s far between the normal people who contact me now and that does worry me.



First let me say: Well spoken!
I think the Retard/normal ratio on the web in general leans the wrong way..
I mean, seriously, you can’t read a forum, a post or even a damn comment without it being filled brimmingly with words as retard or the ever populair one; noob.

And it saddens me.. it really does..

Where has it come to when some complete stranger just randomly thrash-talk you on the web wherever you go!?

Then again, some places are worse than others, agreed.
Maybe it’s got to do with the content of the pages that determine the people visiting and thus the language?.. Dunno really…

But to sum up, the language used in Youtube bugs the hell outta me too…


Thanks =)

You’re right. After YouTube has been embraced by people of all ages it’s gotten shittier by the minute. I think you have a valid point when you say that the content definitely has a say in this and let’s face it: YouTube is currently getting overrun by 12-15 year olds who upload videos of themselves trying to hilarious. Some really are hilarious, but most; shit!

What actually motivated me to write the entry is an experience I’m currently having in a small and private community known as FTN. It’s the exact opposite of YouTube. Most people there are over 18 with some being ~30 or more. Most are really really friendly and even though the site only consists of 5300 users (when it reaches 6k they don’t let more in) with less actually visiting the forums it’s just great there. It’s so nice recognizing all the familiar avatars because you really do build friendships when the amount of users isn’t as big as YouTube. I believe it’s pretty much the same if you live in a small town versus a big city. Anyway, the tone and everything is just great and in stark contrast to YouTube. It’s just sad watching YT slowly becoming something it didn’t start out being :-(

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